The Phoenix Benefits Group, Inc.
Company Profile
The Phoenix Benefits Group, Inc. is an independent actuarial
consulting practice specializing in Pennsylvania pension plans and
retiree medical valuations; and, expert witness services relating to
pensions for marital separations.

The practice is fee-for-service; and, is not affiliated with any mutual
fund or insurance company. The practice's independence allows it to
work with a multitude of brokers, agents, and accountants without
creating any conflicts of interest.  The principal, Michael Pisula, gets his
"hands dirty" in the work and does not simply communicate the results
of work completed by lower level technicians.
Michael Pisula founded The Phoenix Benefits Group, Inc. in 2003 to
serve clients at a reasonable and affordable price.

With over  41 years of professional experience, Michael has earned a
distinguished reputation for providing his clients with competent,
timely, and cost-effective actuarial services that reflect his vision for the

Besides his consulting work, Mike has been a member of the Pension
Section Council of the Society of Actuaries from September 2002 to
September 2005. He has been a member of the Education and
Examination Committee of the Society of Actuaries - Part 2 of the
Enrollment Examination since 1996, and he was chairman of the EA-2
Segment B exam for the 2005 and 2006 examinations. In addition, he
has been a frequent speaker at numerous professional meetings.
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